If you were tempted by the pastel-colored pastries in Wes Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, quit your slobbering and make them yourself! Zubrowka's own pastry shoppe, Mendl's, will show you how to make their famous delight "Courtesan au chocolat". 

The short film How to Make a Courtesan au chocolat is being screened with the feature film. This is not the first time Anderson has released a companion film-- Hôtel Chevalier revealed Jack's backstory before The Darjeeling Limited.  This short, however, is purely for entertainment. 

"Run to the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Brücknerplatz," M. Gustave tells Zero at the start. But, this story is not about them. No, it's about the creation of something sweet, something appealing. It's about the process and the charm of the finished product, a perfect allegory for Anderson's body of work.