Though the channel is only in its infancy, Picture Show is already making strides to fuse the top talents of YouTube with emerging innovative filmmakers of the indie persuasion. The studio has tapped two of Tribeca’s newest family members, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, the creative minds behind the genre twisting Resolution, which celebrated its world premiere at last year’s Festival. It’s only fitting that the talented duo has produced a film equally as mind-boggling and enthralling in WRECKED, their first collaboration with Picture Show. It's best to just watch it and then we can describe it:

Known primarily for his interview skills and sketch comedy chops, Maker Studios’ own KassemG stars as Denny Myers, a fighter pilot whose plane crashes in the middle of a desert. He is not clear on whether he is behind enemy lines, but one thing is for certain—he needs water to avoid dying of dehydration. When a mysterious voice begins to speak to him through his radio, Denny must discern if the disembodied presence is trustworthy as he listens to rants about fate, God, aliens and the Bermuda triangle.

After you enjoy watching WRECKED, check out the behind-the-scenes video to learn more about the film.