Just because you've been hitting the books doesn't mean you can't hit the theater, too. TFF 2014's Matinee Package is a must-have for students who want to experience the festival on a limited budget. 

For $40, the Matinee Package includes six tickets to screenings beginning before 6:00pm Monday-Friday, and all screenings at 11:00pm or later. You can reserve up to two tickets per selecting screening, or any variation up to six tickets--all before they go on sale to the public. Plus, as a student, you get a complimentary TFF 2014 giftbag (including a DVD of a Tribeca Film movie!) and a pass for the Educational Module Series.  

The Matinee Package is available now through April 1st at 6:00pm; order yours now to take advantage of this great offer. 

(Photo from the TFF 2014 narrative feature Life Partners - a film with two matinee screenings!)