"They used to say that it takes a village to raise a child, and the internet is the new village." In the first episode of the new AOL ON/Tribeca® Digital Studios series Acting Disruptive, which launched today, Jessica Alba takes host Max Lugavere on a tour of The Honest Company. 

About Acting Disruptive:

Each episode in the 12-episode series will follow Max as he gives us an inside look into these businesses and creative projects, giving fans an all-access view into these innovative ventures and the famous faces behind them. Throughout the series, viewers will witness how these celebrities are acting disruptive and leveraging their star power in an effort to better the world through their innovative businesses.  

The first six episodes of the series are now available at actingdisruptive.com featuring Jessica Alba at The Honest Company, Jared Leto at VyRT, Rainn Wilson at SoulPancake, Felicity Huffman at WhatTheFlicka, Adam Goldberg on his creative Vine videos, and Adrian Grenier at SHFT.com. Future episodes include: Seth Green and Shodogg, Moby’s platform mobygratis, Olivia Wilde with RYOT and more.