Doc lovers, are you tired of arguing with your friends about which documentaries set the standard for the genre? With so many factors going into that determination, no wonder it is so difficult to reach a consensus. In establishing the “greatest” documentaries, should we look solely at attributes like historical significance or cultural impact? Should box office receipts play a role, or should the technical skills of the directors/writers/editors carry the most weight?

POV has decided to invite all comers to share their views and champion the film that they place among the “greatest” documentaries. Taking inspiration from Sight & Sound magazine’s legendary poll of film critics taken every 10 years, POV is also employing social media and a judging system based on input from movie lovers to determine the winners.

How do you vote? It’s easy. Search for your favorite documentary in the list above, or add one if your pick isn’t already listed. Once that’s done, give it a “thumbs up” ranking and make your vote count! Want to push your choice doc to the top of the list? Take your plea to social media. The ranking system offers late additions and/or the underdog a chance to take the “greatest” poll at the last minute, keeping things exciting to the very end.

Want to interact with fellow doc lovers as you decide on your choice for the greatest documentary of all time? POV will moderate a #docchat on Twitter on Tuesdays, November 13, 20, and 27, from 8-10 p.m. ET with special guests galore! Plus, POV’s blog will be reaching out to different award-winning filmmakers and insiders to get their personal picks.

The voting period began last Thursday, November 8, and is ongoing until Thursday, November 29, at 5:00 pm ET. So vote early and often!

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