Photo: Sarah Barton, Clinton Global Initiative

What are you doing this weekend? We’ve got an idea how you can spend your Sunday.

The Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative are organizing a Day of Action for New York this Sunday, November 18, to help with relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy. Their goal? To engage individuals and organizations who are willing to volunteer in a community hard-hit by the storm and its aftermath.

Day of Action for New York from Clinton Foundation on Vimeo.

Join President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton at a Day of Action for New York. As they say, “Recovery will not be easy for everyone, but with your help, our homes, communities, and cities can begin to make progress. As we’ve seen through our work, when people come together, we can make a greater impact than any one person or group can do alone.”

If you are not able to join them on Sunday, check out the website for other ways to get involved and take action, both online and through your own communities.

You can also join President Clinton’s online community to follow the Day of Action progress.

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