Don’t try to fight it. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a worthy follow-up to its groundbreaking predecessor. With co-writer L.M Kit Carson (of Paris, Texas fame), Tobe Hooper reinvents America’s favorite cannibalistic family in a follow-up film that is decidedly more campy than terrifying.

Unlike its predecessor, TCM 2 juxtaposes insane, frightening sequences with moments of unexpected humor and wit (yes, wit). Featuring stellar performances from Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams and genre legend Bill Moseley, the film picks up 13 years the carnage of the original TCM. Vanita ‘Stretch’ Block is a rock station DJ who gets a phone call from two men who experience the misfortune of running into Leatherface and his family on the road. Stretch tapes their grisly deaths and in turn becomes targeted by the lethal clan.

There’s so much to love about Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 including Caroline Williams’ tenacious Final Girl and Dennis Hopper’s unhinged redneck policeman hero. However, the real gem is Bill Moseley’s hysterical and disturbing performance as Chop Top, Leatherface’s brother who returned from Vietnam with a metal plate in his head and bloodlust in his heart.

If you need an escape from the ordinary this month, look no further than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2