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Steven Mertens
Employing the “multi-plane” method first developed by Walt Disney Studios in the 1930’s, Steven Mertens creates fantastic worlds and abstract stories from cut out paper. With his craft rooted in stop-motion animation, he enlivens an eclectic mix of two-dimensional objects to match the tone and rhythm of an artist's music in each video he creates. And the quality and detail of his work have not gone unnoticed; Mertens has worked with musical acts ranging from The Chapin Sisters to Deca, and his client list continues to grow. But if you’d told Steven Mertens a decade prior that he would be a successful director and animator he might not have believed you. Back then, his own music was his focus. Popular acts such as The Moldy Peaches and Here We Go Magic employed Mertens musical skills on the bass guitar. Perhaps it is this musical background that allows Mertens to seamlessly link his present-day stop motion creations with their musical counterparts. And while music continues to be a passion of his, Mertens finds his attention leaning towards his animated artistry, finding new levels of dynamism by incorporating more special effects to his surreal characters and science fiction based stories. What’s more, as the online space becomes the default exhibition platform for artists such as Mertens, it’s hard to deny the unique ease and instant gratification the milieu provides. Hopefully it will encourage Mertens and his contemporaries to create for years to come.
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