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Matt Lambert
LA Born and Berlin-based, Matt Lambert is a filmmaker whose recent work, through an exploration of identity and sexuality, looks to open a debate around the way youth perceives and presents itself in the digital space. His work is deeply entrenched in global sub-cultures spanning a breadth of cultural and sexual identities with a keen focus on expanding the methods and styles of documentary and short film making. Lambert credits a rebellious, anti-institution impulse with his initial entrance into the online space, wanting to get away from the trends and markets that he feels can overwhelm creativity. He enjoys that his online work can be niche yet global, and while never explicitly about "the internet," he frequently grounds his pieces in a distinctly digital age. Berlin is a huge influence on his work as well, where he excels in a slower pace of life and enjoys editing his pieces in a small house with a dog in the office next to Wim Wenders. While committed to short form and experimental work, Lambert admits he's ready for the challenge of a feature, and speaks tantalizingly about ideas that may have intimidated him years ago. When pressed to source his inspirations, he credits "everything from Tarkovsky to Tumblr," an apt way to encapsulate a body of work that aims to elevate pop culture to mythic proportions through technique and language. Lambert injects his projects with an intimacy, excitement and conceptual depth that resonates far beyond the engaging and intriguing surface.
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