This series of live programs explores and illuminates the status of story and cinematic narrative at the intersection of technology, culture and commerce and through some of our most cutting-edge creative voices. Each of the four live events uses vibrant cross-disciplinary conversation, live performance and multimedia to uncover the prescient questions occupying artists, scientists, philosophers, technologists, entrepreneurs and audiences worldwide.


Writer and producer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, Newsroom) in conversation with former Chief Presidential Speech Writer, Jon Favreau, about what it means to be moral in 2014, what we value as heroic in life and in fiction, and how film and television have documented our transition from an analog to a digital world.

4/21  6:30PM SVA-1 BUY TICKETS


Filmmaker and futurist Jason Silva muses upon why and how humans are so hardwired for story and cinema.

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A candid conversation about the ‘habits’ of successful psychopaths. Sounds crazy? Not really. Turns out, it’s not only screen psychos that we love. Many of the people we admire, and even elect as our leaders, share traits with psychopathic killers. Find out more as Bryan Cranston and Terence Winter talk about the connection between horror and humor and what makes a great screen villain with a neuroscientist who not only studies the brains of serial killers, but has one himself.

With actor, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), writer, Terence Winter (The Wolf of Wall Street), and neuroscientist James Fallon.

Moderated by Cynthia McFadden (ABC News, Nightline Co-Anchor)

4/22  2:30 PM SVA-2 BUY TICKETS

All THE NEWS That’s Fit to shoot, Print… or Tweet 

Many say the birth of cable news, the 24-hour news cycle and the internet have caused the demise of journalism. On the flip side, our thirst for news and information has only become more intense in recent years. Citizen journalists, bloggers, and hybrids of journalism with everything from documentary films, to video games and viral videos are stepping up to answer the call. So who now sets the bar for journalistic ethics and in whose voices (or cute cat videos) should we place our trust? 

With Upworthy Co-Founder, Eli Pariser, Vice Co-Founder and CEO, Shane Smith, Executive Director of Witness, Yvette Alberdingk Thijm.

Moderated by Filmmaker and journalist, Perri Peltz

4/23  2:30 PM SVA-2 BUY TICKETS


Almost everything we do creates a digital trail containing information about who we are, where we go, how we spend our time and money, and what we watch. Media and entertainment entities are increasingly able to use this information to tell rich data-driven stories, or to decide what content to acquire or produce. But does betting on the ‘wisdom of crowds’ bode well or ill for future innovation in film, art, and journalism? True believers and tech skeptics square off.

With screenwriter and show runner Beau Willimon (House of Cards) writer, David Simon (The Wire), and a special guest from ESPN/FiveThirtyEight.com

Moderated by John Hockenberry: Host, The Takeaway, NPR

4/24  2:30 PM SVA-2 BUY TICKETS