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| 85 MIN | 2013


Harnessing the power of creative crowd-sourcing, Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Basic Instinct) takes on traditional methods of filmmaking by letting the public write most of his next movie. Tricked follows Verhoeven as he navigates the challenges of developing a mass-produced script, then puts the results on screen. Verhoeven’s newest movie, it turns out, follows wealthy patriarch Remco, whose extramarital and business affairs prove more costly than expected. Yet, as his world unravels, a clever web of deceit is revealed.

This film is screening as part of the Tribeca Talks® After the Movie series. Learn more here: Tribeca Talks® After the Movie: Tricked
Film Information
Year: 2013
Length: 85 minutes
Language: Dutch
Country: Netherlands
Premiere: North American
Cast & Credits
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Screenwriter: Kim Van Kooten, Robert Alberdingk Thijm, Paul Verhoeven and 397 participants
Producer: Rene Mioch, Justus Verkerk
Editor: Job ter Burg
Cinematographer: Lennert Hillege
Executive Producer: Ziggo
Composer: Fons Merkies
Co-Producer: Mardou Jacobs
Cast: Peter Blok, Ricky Koole, Robert de Hoogh Carolien Spoor, Gaite Jansen, Sallie Harmsen
Press Contacts
Special Note

About the Director(s)
PAUL VERHOEVEN first gained international recognition with the Oscar®-nominated feature Turkish Delight. His later titles include Soldier Of Orange, RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Starship Troopers and Black Book. Additionally, his book on Jesus of Nazareth sold out its first printing and has been translated into seven languages.


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