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Would you risk your life to flip a switch? In Kanpur, India, putting oneself in harm’s way to deliver electrical power is all too common, especially for Loha Singh. He earns his living by giving electricity to those who can’t afford it, splicing lines from paying utility customers. While an admirable feat against the Goliath power company that charges well beyond reasonable fees to the people of Kanpur, Loha’s actions perpetuate the problems of the city by lessening the power supply—an amount that is distributed based on the number of paying customers. The situation intensifies for both parties and feeds into a vicious cycle of supply and demand. Somewhere in the middle of this battle is Ritu Maheshwari, the power company’s woman-in-charge, caught between two sides that do not share her understanding that change comes slowly and in increments.

Powerless sheds light on the opposing corners of this political ring, from Singh’s electrical Robin Hood tapping wires for neighbors to the myopic utility company whose failure to understand economics forces it deeper into financial disarray. This vibrant exposé gives a whole new meaning to the words “power struggle.”

—Ashley Havey
Film Information
Year: 2013
Length: 80 minutes
Language: English, Hindi
Country: India
Premiere: North American
Cast & Credits
Director: Fahad Mustafa , Deepti Kakkar
Screenwriter: Fahad Mustafa
Producer: Fahad Mustafa, Deepti Kakkar, Judy Tam
Editor: Maria Trieb-Eliaz, Namrata Rao
Associate Producer: Leopold Koegler
Cinematographer: Maria Trieb-Eliaz, Amith Surendran, Fahad Mustafa
Executive Producer: Fahad Mustafa, Deepti Kakkar, Judy Tam
Composer: Amit Kilam and Rahul Ram (Indian Ocean), Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, Gingger Shankar
Co-Producer: ITVS
Production Manager (Kanpur): Ahsan Iqbal
Assistant Drector: Jamal 'Faizy' Mustafa
Press Contacts

Print Source
Fahad Mustafa
Globalistan Films
New Delhi, 110026
Phone: +91 852 730 2849

US Sales Contact
Deepti Kakkar
Globalistan Films
Ghaziabad, 201001
Phone: +91 981 858 2262

International Sales Contact
Deepti Kakkar
Globalistan Films
Ghaziabad, 201001
Phone: +91 981 858 2262

Press Contact
John Murphy
Murphy PR
New York, 10011
Phone: 212 414 0408

International Sales Contact
Catherine LeClef
Paris, 75004
Phone: +33 1 44 61 77 48

About the Director(s)
FAHAD MUSTAFA was educated in Saudi Arabia and attended universities in Delhi and Vienna. He previously worked with the office of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. DEEPTI KAKKAR directed a film on microfinance in India and worked on story development and as production manager for Mustafa’s 2010 feature debut, FC Chechnya.


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