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Motivated by discord within his own family, filmmaker Rudzani Dzuguda documents a younger generation's fight for a new kind of freedom in post-apartheid South Africa. Tumelo, who is black, and Dominique, who is white, are best friends nearing the end of their teenage years. Both are tough-minded female DJ's fighting for a voice in the burgeoning (but still overwhelmingly male) South African hip-hop scene. Like many adolescents, Tumelo and Dominique bond over their struggle to find their identities without the support of their families. Tumelo is soft-spoken but determined. She still lives with her parents, who are mystified by the life she is leading. They trace her decline to the fall of the apartheid regime in 1994. That was when Tumelo started expressing herself in ways that her parents insist are "not part of our culture" -- through dreadlocks, graffiti, and the scratching and mixing of hip-hop beats. Dominique fled her dysfunctional family and finds solace in the beats she creates. She now lives in Gugulethu, a poor community that is, even in the "new" South Africa, an unlikely home for a white girl from Jo'burg. Buoyed by an infectious soundtrack of South African hip-hop, Mix vividly depicts the struggle for self-expression that young people wage in today's South Africa. As Tumelo and Dominique grapple with their own notions of family and nationhood, it becomes clear that their personal battles reflect those of the country they both call home.
Film Information
Year: 2004
Length: 56 minutes
Language: English
Country: South Africa
Premiere: North American
Cast & Credits
About the Director(s)
Rudzani Dzuguda grew up in Venda, in the Northern Province of South Africa, an area of vibrant cultural activity. He studied drama at the University of Durban-Westville, deciding thereafter to study television production at Technikon Natal. Dzuguda then moved to Johannesburg to work as a runner at Summit TV, and later became a cameraman and editor. He worked on eTV news as a cameraman and then on e-Arts as a journalist. Dzuguda recently founded his production company, Dzuguda Productions, and Mix (2004) is his first film.


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