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Academy Award® nominated actor Javier Bardem teams with Doctors Without Borders to produce this powerful collection of short films from five internationally acclaimed directors. Each story sheds light on heroic, yet unsung humanitarian efforts to combat international crises, which have thus far remained invisible. In the documentary Bianca's Dream, Mariano Barroso introduces us to a woman in the Central African Republic suffering from sleeping sickness and unable to find the eflornithine injections she desperately needs. At the same time, we meet Alba, a Paris-based model who uses eflornithine to remove facial hair and has no problem finding it at any pharmacy. In Letters to Nora Isabel Coixet uses a narrative approach to explore the horrifying and deadly Chagas disease, a parasitic illness which affects 18 million people in the poorest areas of Latin America. With The Voice of the Stones Javier Corcuera shares a story of brave, yet tragic resistance to brutal attacks on rural communities by Colombian paramilitary groups. Fernando León de Aranoa tells the heartbreaking tale of the Night Commuters, a group of youths from northern Uganda who go long distances each night looking for places of refuge from the Lord's Resistance Army, a group that often kidnaps and brutalizes children, forcing them to turn into murderous soldiers. With Invisible Crimes Wim Wenders examines the shocking story of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo who, in the midst of armed conflict, are sexually assaulted at an alarming rate. Described as a story of stories, this important collection gives voice to those long silenced by international indifference.

Film Information
Year: 2006
Length: 106 minutes
Language: Spanish, English, Lwo, Kiluba, Swahili
Country: Spain
Premiere: U.S.
Cast & Credits
About the Director(s)

Oscar® nominated JAVIER BARDEM has performed in over 25 films including Before Night Falls, The Dancer Upstairs, Collateral, and The Sea Inside. Invisibles is Bardem's first credit as a producer. Born in Spain, MARIANO BARROSO studied at the American Film Institute. His films explore the relationship between social success and the ethical and moral principles of his characters. Spanish director ISABEL COIXET worked as a journalist before turning to filmmaking. She recently directed a segment of Paris, Je t'aime. FERNANDO LEÓN DE ARANOA worked extensively as a screenwriter before directing. His 2002 film Mondays in the Sun starred Javier Bardem and was a major critical and commercial success in Spain. Filmmaker JAVIER CORCUERA is also the co-director of the Sahara International Film Festival. His most recent film, Winter in Baghdad, focuses on the experience of children in the Iraq war. WIM WENDERS has an extensive and well-known filmography. With honorary doctorates at the Sorbonne in Paris and Freiburg University's Theological Faculty, he is currently president of the European Film Academy.


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