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From his days championing college sports to his stint as a naval officer, tennis ace, ladies' man, and all-American boy Richard Raskind was an archetypical male in every sense. And then in his 40s, after getting married and having a son, Richard became Renée. Renée was still dynamite on the tennis court, but being the first transsexual player in the women's US Open would put her in a spotlight she couldn't escape. As she publicly fought those who said she shouldn't be allowed to play as a woman, Renée alienated her increasingly troubled son—a relationship she struggles to repair to this day.

Director Eric Drath delicately uncovers Renee's history as if he were dusting off the many trophies that grace her shelves. Each memory is revealed as a shining and unique relic. From the internal battle of whether to undergo the invasive sex reassignment procedure to the external battle she faced against the United States Tennis Association, Renée invites the audience into a life lived with strong will, determination, physical endurance—all the attributes of an athlete, male or female.


Produced by ESPN Films, Renée will premiere on ESPN October 4.

Film Information
Year: 2011
Length: 75 minutes
Language: English
Country: USA
Cast & Credits
Primary Cast: John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Mary Castillo, Virginia Wade, Renée Richards
Director: Eric Drath
Producer: Eric Drath, Elizabeth Geist
Executive Producer: Barry Murphy, Eric Drath, Connor Schell, John Dahl
Senior Producer: Aaron Cohen, Mark Durand
Director of Photography: James Fideler
Additional Cinematography: Leo Lawrence
Editor: Brian Hartough, Kate Hirson
Press Contacts
Special Note

About the Director(s)
ERIC DRATH produced and directed the 2009 feature documentary Assault in the Ring, which won an Emmy and aired on HBO Sports. That film drew on Drath's dual background as a boxing agent and broadcast producer for ABC, CNN, and Fox News. Drath is founder and CEO of Live Star Entertainment, a full-service production company.


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